Understanding F1

Fraser Masefield

Relive the action of the 2012 F1 season and gain insight into the tech that made it possible with Understanding F1 by AskMen's Fraser Masefield.

Formula 1: It’s the most thrilling, intriguing and action-packed sport on the planet. It’s also the most technologically advanced sport and therefore one of the most easily misunderstood. In Understanding F1, Fraser Masefield uses the 2012 races to explain the technological innovations that helped make this season such a classic.

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Book Description

Baffled by the fast-paced world of Formula 1? Fraser Masefield’s new book, Understanding F1: The Tech Tricks Behind the World’s Fastest Sport, is here to provide a wealth of insight into this thrilling sport.

What is it about Formula 1 that inspires fans around the world to follow these races so very closely? It has a diverse range of characters and plots that twist and turn as much as a Robert Ludlum novel or the Monaco Grand Prix circuit itself. The F1 story is a sometimes sordid one, complete with in-fighting, sackings and espionage — and everyone in the audience has their own heroes and villains. F1 is also the most technologically advanced of all sports and therefore one of the most easily misunderstood. With rules and regulations that change every season, it is difficult for even the most ardent of fans — let alone the casual observer — to keep up with the latest developments.

Using the 2012 Formula 1 season as a backdrop, in this book Masefield seeks to enlighten readers about what makes this sport so special by way of explaining the technological advances that make the crucial difference between winning and losing. And what a season it has been! This year’s championship has been more dramatic than any other in recent memory. We’ve seen eight different winners in the opening eight races, the rise of Lotus, the fall of Michael Schumacher, the Romain Grosjean smashes and a three-way title battle that has gone right down to the wire. And there’s no doubt that the fast-wearing Pirelli tires, the double DRS Rear Wing System (pioneered by Mercedes) and a raft of other technological innovations have contributed to making this season an absolute classic.

Whether you’ve been following the 2012 season or this is your entry point into the world of Formula 1, Understanding F1: The Tech Tricks Behind the World’s Fastest Sport promises to get you revved up for more.

About the Author

Fraser Masefield has written about Formula 1 since the 2000 season, when he edited the official websites for the Williams F1 team and BMW Motorsport. Since then, he has worked on some of the world’s leading sport and motorsport websites including Autosport, ESPNF1 and Eurosport. Fraser gained a Masters degree in journalism in New South Read more »